Award-Winning Sun City

Top Ways to Promote Your Award Win

Employees continuously pour in their dedication and efforts to contribute to the growth of your business; therefore, their work should be recognized by the award program created by your business. Presenting a branded awards to an employee is not only a way to thank your employee for its dedication but, it also plays a contributory role in leveraging brand equity and sales of your business. Let’s have a look at how you can promote the award win to a general audience:

Print and digital ad campaign:

If you are considering investing in print or digital ads then, you should consider integrating the award logo to the campaign. For instance, if you are looking after a digital campaign then, you should also invest in the creation of custom landing page for continuing your story on the website.

Product packaging:

If you have won a branded awards then, you can leverage the win by integrating the win into a product packaging. For instance, if you are using product packaging as a tool for your award then, you should showcase your win. Customers are likely to purchase from a business that is influential and has earned a branded or prestigious award, and it helps them with driving their purchase decision.

Social media content:

Storytelling always makes excellent promotional tools; therefore, you can utilize this channel for the promotion of your award win to increase brand awareness, and it also builds trust and confidence with your customers. We would strongly urge you to use social media content in combination with landing page to deliver content that speculates your award win. It has been proven that nearly 74% of the consumers depend on social media for propelling their purchase decision, and if they see your recognition and awards then, they would place more trust in your business.